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Business of the Year: Deco Industries

Business of the Year: Deco Industries

Nov 20 2013

Deco Industries has set the standard on how a business should be owned and operated, starting with owner Mr. Edwin DeCaul and permeating through every employee throughout the company. Consistently employing nearly 150 employees for the last 30 years, Deco is proud to go above and beyond for their employees, offering great places to work, flexible hours to accommodate family needs, health coverage and even assists their employees to develop good banking habits to facilitate strong credit.

Since its origination in 1978 selling only clothing apparel, Deco Industries has grown into one of Grenada's largest and most succesful businesses and exports a variety of top quality clothing throughout the Caribbean. In addition, they have diversified over the years and offer various types of merchandise via retail and wholesale, they developed late night transport and operate a 24-hour, 7-days a week Service Centre.

The GCIC is proud to congratulate Deco Industries for their past accomplishments and continued success and present Deco Industries and owner Mr, Edwin DeCaul the GCIC's Buisiness of the Year Award.